Axiflow Pump-Based Systems

The Axi-Auger™ & Hopper Feed Systems


Highly viscous products like cake frosting and cold peanut butter that do not flow are a challenge for any pump.  Other products that consist of a water-like liquid base with large soft solids can bridge and cause de-watering while pumping and then end up damaging the delicate solids.

Axiflow Technologies, Inc. offers solutions for all types of difficult applications such as these.  Customizable auger-feed systems for highly viscous 1,000,000 cps products and our “open-throat” hopper design for light liquid based products, gives Axiflow the widest range of solutions than any other positive displacement pump company on the market today.AxiHopper1024px


Axiflow offers customizable auger-feed systems for highly viscous products in excess of 1,000,000 cps which sometimes require assistance getting to the work head of the pump.  These systems are ideal for doughs, fondant, pet food and even cheese.

Axiflow offers the widest range of pumping solutions of any other positive displacement pump company on the market today.

The Axi-Injector™ Hops Injection System

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The Axi-Unloader™ Drum & Tote Unloading System

The Axi-Unloader™ is the only drum and tote unloading system that provides a quiet, gentle handling, non-pulsing delivery of product that is capable of running dry.

Based around the Axiflow pump, the Axi-Unloader™ is a self-priming pump system that allows the operator to unload a wide range of product viscosities, at a wide range of temperatures at discharge pressures up to 300 PSI.  And when you are done pumping, you can use the same pump to clean itself and perform CIP functions.

Axi-Blend™ Systems

Because the Axiflow Pump is capable of delivering a smooth, virtually pulse free, highly repeatable flow of product, it is ideal for continuous blending.  Other positive displacement pumps that deliver a pulsing flow, require some type of surge vessel to smooth out the pulses to make the product homogeneous.  Mayonnaise, flavored yogurts & sour creams and soft drinks, are all processes that can go from a batch type system to a continuous blending system for longer runs and less downtime in between batches.  Used in conjunction with servo motors, the Axi-Blend™ Systems can be used for short product runs with little start-up waste.

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