The Axi-Mix™ Powder Induction System

Many pump and mixer companies offer a system for incorporating powders into a liquid stream.  Some use a centrifugal pump in conjunction with an educator.  The centrifugal pump builds pressure across the educator which causes a venture effect which then sucks the powder into the liquid stream and then pushed through some type of rotor/stator inline mixer.  The other common design is to use a liquid ring pump to suck the powders into the liquid stream and then go through an inline mixer.  The common problem with both of these designs is that they can only suck powders into low viscosity liquids.
AxiMix Sugar Table

The Axi-Mix™ Powder Induction System is capable of sucking powders into low viscosity liquids as well as very high viscosity liquids.  As the liquid becomes more viscous, the Axiflow only becomes more positive.  With the highest range of speeds of any positive displacement pump on the market, the Axiflow can maintain the pressure required across the educator regardless of the viscosity.

Here are some common Axi-Mix™ applications:

  • Hydrating Whey Powders
  • Citric Acid
  • Dextrose
  • Flavor Concentrates for Sports Drinks
  • Carbopol as a Thickener for Toothpastes
  • Xanthum Gum
  • CMC Gums
  • Cinnamon for Flavored Applesauces
  • Cocoa Powder for Chocolate Milk

The mechanical shear force on the discharge of the educator is enough to get most soluble powders into solution without any type of rotor/stator combination. Axiflow does not sell mixers. Our system can be customized to work with any inline mixer.

Axi-Mix™ systems can suck powders or liquids through a hopper and/or through a wand or they can be designed to do both.  A wide range of options are available including countertops with rollers, loss in weight metering systems to meter powders into a liquid stream and even the “cyclone” which enables powders to drop directly into a liquid stream without touching the sides of the  funnel.  This option is ideal for hydroscopic gums that thicken quickly and can clog your hopper.

The Axi-Mix™ Powder Induction System—just another reason why Axiflow is setting the new benchmark in positive displacement pumps!

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