Twin Screw Pumps

STSwithSingleFlowScrewsAxiflow Technologies, Inc., in partnership with Jung Process Systems, brings to the sanitary market a revolutionary pumping technology that sets a New Benchmark for a wide range of pumping applications.  The Axiflow / Jung relationship combines German Precision Engineering with American Innovation & Process Experience.  We offer viable solutions to many difficult process problems often experienced with positive displacement pumps.  The Axiflow Solution far exceeds current industry standards and expectations.

Axiflow/Jung is the leader in Sanitary, Twin Screw Positive Displacement Pump Technology.  Out-selling similar designs 10:1 in the North American market, Axiflow sets itself apart from other twin screw pump offerings by providing a stainless steel bearing housing and a wet end that is entirely machined out of 316L billet stainless steel.  Though others have tried to copy this design, Axiflow is still the only company that is capable of machining straight through the entire bearing housing without being removed from the five axis machine.  This ensures the most precise tolerances and the ability for the entire pump and bearing housing to expand and contract together at the most extreme of temperatures.

The Axiflow Pump is capable of pumping the widest range of product viscosities (1 to 1,000,000 cps) while operating at the widest range of pump speeds (up to 4,000 RPMs) at the widest range of product temperatures (up to 425°F) of any other PD pump (twin screw or otherwise) on the market!  These capabilities greatly reduce the wear on the pump and cost/need for spare parts.  This is why Axiflow pumps are proving to be the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for positive displacement pumps.


Additionally, Axiflow Technologies does not just sell pumps.  We offer a complete line of products & systems including:

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