Our Guarantee

Axiflow Technologies guarantees every pump and every system we sell.  This means that we will take back any pump or system if it does not perform under the specified conditions for which the pump is sized or the system is designed.  How can we offer such a guarantee?

Trial Pump Pool

Axiflow offers a large pool of trial pumps to prove out your application.  If you have a difficult application and you need to prove it out in your plant on your system, we can send you a pump to try.  We offer trials for all of our standard series pumps and high pressure series pumps as well as common models of our Axi-Mix™ and Axi-Unloader™ systems.

Performance Guaranteed Applications

Axiflow Technologies has vast knowledge and experience in many food, beverage, personal care and pharmaceutical applications.  There is not much we have not seen!  If your application is something we have experience with, we will give you a pump as a guaranteed application.  What does this mean?

Upon receiving a purchase order, we would ship the pump assembly and hold the invoice for up to 45 days past the shipping date.
The customer will have 2 weeks to install the pump and then 30 days to evaluate the performance of the pump.  If it meets the performance criteria, then the customer pays the invoice.  If not, the customer would allow Axiflow to come onsite to see if we can solve any issue.  If we are unable to, you would send the pump assembly back to Axiflow at no charge other than the shipping cost.

Pilot Plant Testing

Many plants cannot afford down time to install a trial pump.  Some companies require small scale testing prior to running actual product.  Axiflow offers a small scale Pilot Plant for product testing and process simulation.  Send us a sample of your product and we can video tape the results.

Pump Rentals & Leasing Program

Don’t have capital money?  Can’t wait until the next budget cycle?  Axiflow makes it easy to solve your process issues today without having to wait for new money.  We offer wide range of rental equipment and leasing options that are easy on your monthly maintenance budget but still get you out of trouble in a hurry.

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