History of the Sanitary Twin Screw Positive Displacement Pump

In 2003, Jung began making the first ever sanitary, twin screw, positive displacement pump that was able to receive both 3A and EHEDG.  They private labeled this pump for a large oil & gas twin screw pump company that had made several attempts at a sanitary version but were never successful in achieving both certifications.

In 2008, as this new design started to take off, Jung decided to go to market under their own name, Jung Process Systems, with a newer and more advanced design.  This new generation of sanitary twin screw pumps, called Hyghspin, far surpassed the standards set by previous twin screw pump companies.  It was at this time where the Axiflow/Jung partnership began in North America.

In the North American market, the Hyghspin pump was given the name “Axiflow,” to better describe the mode of transfer that the liquid takes through the pump.  And since then, Axiflow/Hyghspin has continually innovated and has remained many steps ahead of the competition.  When the Axiflow/Hyghspin pump was first introduced in 2008, it was the first sanitary, twin screw pump to have an all stainless steel bearing housing which is completely machined out of 316L billet stainless.  Additionally, a wider range of mechanical AND non-mechanical seal options enabled Jung to offer a much wider range of solutions for many more market segments.  The options for the C-face motor connection were also introduced on all models except the largest STS125 model.  In 2010, Axiflow introduced the Axi-Mix™ Powder Induction System which enables customers to
suck powders into both low and high viscosity liquid streams.  In 2012, we introduced the Axi-Blend™ Continuous Blending System.  In 2013, we introduced the Hopper Pump which has an enlarged top suction for product to fall directly into the screw flights.  In 2014 we will unveil the Axi-Unloader which is a system designed to pump out totes and drums.

A complete inventory of whole pumps and spare parts is located in Tampa, FL.  ANY spare part can ship the same day.  Standard pump deliveries are 2-3 weeks.  Emergency stock is available to ship complete pump assemblies on the same day an order is placed.

Jung did not invent twin screw technology, but they did revolutionize the sanitary industry and continue the set the standard for SANITARY Twin Screw Technology.  This is why we say that the Axiflow Pump is the New Benchmark in positive displacement pump technology!


 Axiflow–The Original, Sanitary Twin Screw Pump. Don’t just pump it—Axiflow it!

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