Who Is Axiflow Technologies?

Axiflow Technologies, Inc., in partnership with Jung Process Systems, brings to theSTSwithSingleFlowScrews sanitary market a revolutionary pumping technology that sets a New Benchmark for a wide range of pumping applications. The Axiflow / Jung relationship combines German Precision Engineering with American Innovation & Process Experience. We offer viable solutions to many difficult process problems often experienced with positive displacement pumps. The Axiflow Solution far exceeds current industry standards and expectations.

Axiflow/Jung maintains 3A and EHEDG certifications for all pumps in our offering. Axiflow Pumps and Components are manufactured in Kummerfeld, Germany, and assembled in the United States. A complete inventory of pumps, assemblies and spare parts are located at various Axiflow facilities throughout North America. Demo and Trial pumps are available for testing at customer facilities. Whether your needs call for timing product through a high pressure drop pasteurizer, stuffing a homogenizer with a high viscosity liquid, or simply transferring a shear sensitive slurry or emulsion, give Axiflow a try.


LatheStainless512Twin Screw Pumping Technology was created over 100 years ago for the oil & gas industry, providing a means for pumping high viscosity products under high pressure.  The high suction capability of the pump eliminated the problems associated with low NPSH availability.  This design was later proven to be a viable alternative for transferring multiphase products and designed to be capable of running at much higher speeds than conventional positive displacement pumps.

In their development of the twin screw pump for the Sanitary & Hygienic Markets, Jung Process Systems has created a NEW BENCHMARK in Positive Displacement Pumps.  The Axiflow pump offers a wide range of benefits over all other PD pump technologies.  Pumps such as rotary lobe, circumferential piston, progressive cavity, peristaltic, reciprocating plunger and air-operated diaphragm pumps prove to be far more limited in capability in comparison to the Axiflow.


 Axiflow–The Original, Sanitary Twin Screw Pump. Don’t just pump it—Axiflow it!

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